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Over 20 Years Protecting the Roof Over Your Head

For over 20 years, our veteran- and family-owned roofing company has helped those in need of a better roof in the Brevard County area. Our licensed and insured roofers understand the weather conditions we deal with throughout the year and will prepare your roof to handle anything Mother Nature throws at it. Even debris from a spring rainstorm. We can start from scratch or help by removing and replacing your current roofing. Count on us to develop and execute a roofing solution for your home. No matter the size, we can handle it all. Call today and schedule your initial appointment with our residential roofing pros.


Trusted Residential Roofing Services

Our clients trust us because they know we only charge them for the residential roofing services necessary and at the right price. We also use the industry’s best materials to ensure you and everyone you love stay protected underneath your roof. Below are the residential roofing services you can count on us for:

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Preventative Services
  • New Construction

Five Signs You Need a New Roof

In our initial inspection, we survey the entire roofing system and we will advise you on whether or not a replacement is on the horizon. Getting ahead of a roofing replacement allows you to prepare for even the worst-case scenario. Below are the top five signs our roofers look for when inspecting your roof:

  1. Your shingles are crumbling or cracking
  2. Your roof is leaking
  3. Your roof is warping or sagging
  4. Your roof is growing mold or mildew
  5. Your roof is 15 years old or older

Free Estimate and Financial Assistance Available

The pros at All Pro Florida Roofing will help you stay in your budget even further by offering a free estimate for all residential roofing services. We keep you informed of all costs before we lift the first hammer. Being transparent helps us build a relationship with our clients lasting many years. You can also come to us for help with payment by applying for financing to take care of the whole project. As a veteran-owned roofing company, we also offer discounts for fellow veterans and seniors.

We Are A Veteran Owned & Operated Business
We Offer Veteran & Senior Discounts